Episode 358 - 5 Tactics to Release Talent That Sings Your Praise

Although complete retention is the goal of every organization, you are bound to lose employees due to family obligations, personal reasons, etc.

When employees leave, you should take the opportunity to learn how you can improve your leadership and management. 

Believe it or not, using the 5 tactics I teach you in this episode, you can use employee exits to your advantage. 

In my Quit Losing Talent framework, I teach around 4 essential strategies: Attraction, Activation, Retention, and Release. Each strategy is taught around 5 tactics that ensure mastery of that area and have proved to create organizational cultures that win, keep, and inspire employees. 

The 5 Tactics to mastering Release are:

  • Gather Exit Insights
  • Address Bullies and Barriers
  • Rehire and Reposition for Growth
  • Discuss Transitions
  • Release with Gratitude

In this episode, I dive deep into each RELEASE Tactic to teach you why it is essential, and how you can start implementing it into your leadership TODAY. 

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