Harbour Resources Team

We began our story in March of 2006 when our founder, Mike Harbour, left the corporate world of healthcare leadership to serve a bigger mission of helping more people and more companies. 

Since this time Harbour Resources has served tens of thousands of leaders in hundreds of companies across the U.S. and coached thousands more leaders globally.

Our mission is simple: Delivering Excellence in Leadership and Personal Growth

Whether we are serving as a speaker, workshop facilitator, or coach in a one-to-one or group setting. Your goals are our goals. Your success is our success.

Our Values:

    Consistent in our reputation of integrity and guided by a sense of duty to serve and develop others.
chievement Focused
    Goal focused to accomplish our purpose
    Driven to provide excellence, high quality, and ownership
    Mindset, Spirituality, and Physical Needs
Opulent Minded
    Cultivating riches that we can share with others
    Teamwork, Partnerships, Relationships; One Vision Together
    We are determined to persist, persevere, and never quit. We have Grit! 

Our Behavioral Principles:

Purpose—We do everything on purpose and for a purpose to add value to the world and help every leader be better and push every workplace toward a thriving culture.

Excellence—We strive to get better each day, not competing with the outside but with our own selves, we can not give what we do not have.

Action—Nothing happens until someone makes it happen, our doing separates us from 90% of the world. We will model action to give others an example to follow.  

Ignite—We will keep our own fire lit so we can let our light shine for others while we ignite their potential. We give others vision and hope. 

Drive—We keep a constant focus on our purpose and drive every day toward the accomplishment of 1% better. We let go of perfection but don't settle for the status quo.

Deliver—We deliver excellence in our attitude, our words, and our actions. We fulfill our promises.  


Mike Harbour - President

Mike Harbour founded Harbour Resources with one mission - to help build great leaders.

Starting his own personal and leadership development with 12 years in the US Army and then entering corporate America- Mike has coached, interviewed and mentored tens of thousands of leaders since 1999. Mike has worked alongside John Maxwell, Quint Studer and many more well-known experts in the leadership development industry.

Mike is an accomplished speaker, author, coach and podcaster.

Connie Harbour - CEO       

Customer Experience Officer 

Connie co-founded Harbour Resources and works to make sure all our customer's experiences exceed what is expected. Her primary role at Harbour Resources is to ensure our customers are valued. 

Connie is a certified leadership coach and naturally makes everyone around her feel like they can accomplish more than they think is possible. 

Clayton Harbour - Online Communications and Business Development

Clayton is an aspiring professional golfer and ranked highly in the state of Arkansas as he continues to improve his game and competitiveness. 

Clayton is a student of the game of life and how to win. He has studied and been coached by a few of the greats and applies what he has learned in the gym, on the course, on the trails and trials of life. On a recent journey to the depths of the Grand Canyon and back-he tested his physical and mental aptitude and came out a winner in proving nothing as big as the Grand Canyon can stop a well-developed mind and body. Clayton's passions include Golf, Gym, and Growth.

Clayton leads our online production team in communication via email and through our online courses. 

Dr. Shannon Haltom - Coach/ Leadership Trainer

Dr. Shannon Haltom is a Maxwell Leadership Certified Trainer and Coach, as well as a DISC Communication and Leadership style consultant. Dr. Haltom received her Doctor of Nursing Practice in Executive Leadership from Abilene Christian University in 2020.

Dr. Haltom has been a Registered Nurse for 15 years with over 10 years of Executive Leadership Experience including serving as the Chief Nursing Officer which allowed her to coach and develop nurses and clinical leaders to perform their best. She lives in Wharton, Texas with her husband Bo, and two children. Shannon serves on the board of not-for-profit organizations, Rescue Church and STOP Global. Her passion is to equip leaders and organizations to lead with excellence and fulfill their purpose. 

Morgan Hendrix- Coach/Virtual Leadership Trainer

Morgan Hendrix is a certified coach and has more than a decade of experience as a thinking partner to leaders and business professionals. 

She is a certified Leadership Trainer and experienced DISC-certified coach. She has a degree in Sociology from Grove City College and studied nursing at Florida Southwestern State.

Morgan helps deliver tactical and practical insights to Harbour Resources blog and podcast followers as well as serves as one of our great coaches.

Morgan lives with her family in Southwest Florida.

Dr. Brian Haas - Physician Coach/Trainer

Brian Haas, DO is a dedicated hospitalist and physician leader who is passionate about all aspects of the clinical encounter, with specific interests in the patient and clinician experience.

Dr. Haas has been trained as a physician coach to help lead clinicians who struggle with interpersonal communication into excellence. 

Dr. Haas received his medical degree from Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2008 and his training n Internal Medicine and Pediatrics a the University of Missouri Kansas City in 2013.

Most recently, Dr. Haas has been recognized nationally as an expert in physician engagement and patient experience.

Jeff Drummonds - Coach/ Leadership Trainer

Jeff Drummonds is a Marine Corp Veteran and Leader of Leaders with over 40 years of management and leadership experience.  His leadership with individuals and organizations has helped to solve their biggest challenges in leadership, communication, conflict resolution, teamwork, process improvement, customer satisfaction, and employee retention.

Jeff is certified as a DISC  Human Behavior Analysis Consultant, a Certified Coach & Trainer in, EQi-2.0 and EQ 360 Emotional Intelligence, and a certified facilitator and coach in the philosophy of values-based leadership of John C. Maxwell.

Jeff is a graduate of The University of Alabama, Birmingham, and lives in the Greater Birmingham Alabama area serves on the Board of Directors for his local Chamber of Commerce and has been married to his wife Cyndi for 45 years. They enjoy the outdoors and playing with their 4 grandchildren.

Alesha Collins - Coach/ Leadership Trainer

Alesha is a graduate of Arkansas State University with a BS in Nursing and the Univesity of Phoenix with a Master's in both Healthcare Administration and Nursing. She is currently in the Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner program at Walden University.

Alesha has experience in various nursing specialties including being a CNO, team leader, and field nurse in home health,  surgery, and case management as well as other areas.

She has a heart for nursing and leadership consulting. 

Alesha is married and has 3 children.

Michael Glaze - Coach/ Leadership Trainer 

Michael Glaze is a Certified Trainer, Speaker, and Coach, as well as certified in EQi-2.0 and EQ 360 Emotional Intelligence.

Michael has years of experience as a leader in Human Resources Management and Training and Development serving in a variety of disciplines. Through positions in the military, education, hospitality, retail, and local government, he has led others to find success and purpose.

Michael’s passion is to guide individuals and teams to realize, reach, and live their potential every day.

Michael is a graduate of the University of North Alabama and is a retired Army Veteran with 4 children. He and his wife live in Birmingham, Alabama.