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Does your organization's culture retain your best talent and attract your industry's best? 

Employee engagement has not made any significant improvement in the last 20 years, and turnover is at all-time highs.

Every day companies are losing millions of dollars on the bottom line due to loss of talent, poor productivity, and lack of engagement. 

The #1 reason for all of this: poor front-line leadership

For years, leaders have been promoted because of their technical skill or their tenure with a company and then not trained, developed, or equipped to lead your most important resources, the talent you have invested in called your employees. 

Here at Harbour Resources, our mission is to ensure leaders are properly equipped to tackle their responsibilities head-on with complete confidence

The world is screaming for better leadership. 

Our passion is to ignite transformation in your leaders and deliver tactical instructions that help you leave a positive impact on the lives of everyone inside your company and those who are served by your work. 

Ways We Can Help You and Your Team

Leadership Development

Why does most leadership development not work? Why is your company or team not hitting the targets that have been set after training?

Because the training is information-driven and not action-oriented with best practices. 

We help companies develop leaders others will follow by raising the bar on leadership, communication, teamwork, and service excellence.

We use tools, training, and years of experience to help leaders take action to increase influence and impact effectiveness.


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If you are like most leaders, you are an accomplished professional and driven to create great results. You are seeking to make life better for those you lead and those the team serves. 

But, you want to stand out from the crowd. You want to accomplish more and feel like what you are doing matters. You want to feel rewarded for your efforts and your unique talents. You are ready to go from setting intentions to accomplishing them.

We coach individuals and work with corporate teams of leaders the company wants to invest in and provide strategic leadership growth.


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Quit Losing Talent Framework

At Harbour Resources we specialize in helping companies cultivate organizational cultures that WIN, KEEP, and INSPIRE Great employees. 

Does your organization constantly fight the battle of poor employee retention and high turnover rates?

The Quit Losing Talent Framework is all about the mastery of 4 Essential Strategies: Attraction, Activation, Retention, and Release.

Organizations implementing the QLT framework are seeing improved retention by up to 60% in the first 6 months.

Follow the link below and learn more about how the Quit Losing Talent Framework will help your organization thrive!


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Do you want someone to speak, or do you want a speaker?

A speaker moves people to action. They partner with you and your team to help make your event one that people will remember.

The right speaker will help your audience or team take action once they leave. 

We don't just show up, we lift people up. 

When you book Mike for your event, you’ll receive more than customized content given from the stage!  You’re booking a high-performance, quality-driven, and action-oriented speaker focused on your success.


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Want to Master your Onboarding Process?


Here at Harbour Resources, we use our Quit Losing Talent framework to help companies hire, train, and retain the top talent in their industries.

Our Onboarding training has proven to reduce employee turnover by over 30% in 6-12 months

Want an idea of what we offer?

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THE 4 CORNER POST MODEL for Developing High -Performance Leaders in Your Organization 

Some of the incredible companies we've worked with

Some of the incredible clients we've worked with

Elevating Leader Performance Through In-Person

and Live Online Training

We can customize training and workshop content that will impact your leaders to take action and effect positive change.

In Person

Whether you prefer a one-on-one session, a smaller classroom setting, or a large seminar, we provide training options that best suit your style of learning. We offer a variety of hands-on exercises, role-playing, situational coaching, real-time feedback, and real-world assignments so you can apply what you've learned.

Live Virtual

How do you invest in a large team spread across the region or country and make it work for everyone's schedule? Bring an online program in-house for a customized training solution. We'll work together on a solution with interchangeable formats that can meet the needs of large enterprises and small businesses. 

On-Demand Subscription

Equipping leaders and teams with our online content has never been easier. We have 100s of hours of content today and adding more monthly. Classes and courses to develop the many essential skills all leaders must know. Content can be accessed on the go from a desktop or mobile device for easy learning. 

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 The Professional Leaders Series

The greatest investment anyone can make is the investment in self or investment in those we lead.

20 Professionally produced videos and over 11 hours of content.

Growing leaders make themselves more valuable for their current company or any future promotional opportunities.

Great leaders and companies invest in the development of the leaders on the team.

This program will help increase the marketable value of any leader who completes this training.



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 Quit Losing Talent

In 2021, 57.6% of employees turned over, with 89% of managers believing it was due to money, but in reality, 88% left for different reasons, meaning these losses potentially could have been stopped. 

If done right and done consistently, onboarding can reduce turnover by up to 69% over a 3-year period. When not done, or done incorrectly 67% of new employees will leave in the first 90-days.  

The secret to success is not doing 4000 things but doing 4 things 4000 times. Learn to implement 4 strategies to help you Quit Losing Talent.

We offer Executive sessions, Workshops and help to create a Quit Losing Talent Culture.


Learn How You can Quit Losing Talent!


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