Quit Losing Talent

A Framework Designed to Win, Keep, & Inspire Great Employees

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Why The QLT Framework is so Important

33% of surveyed employees quit their jobs within 90 days because they feel lost, undervalued, and unprepared 

Only 23% of surveyed employees feel their company provides effective training and opportunities for growth

BUT, organizations implementing the Quit Losing Talent framework are increasing their employee retention rate by up to 68% in the first 6 months!

What is the QLT Framework?

4 Fundamental Strategies

The QLT framework is centered around four main strategies: Attraction, Activation, Retention, and Release. All of which are paramount in cultivating a thriving culture.

20 Transformative Tactics

Each strategy contains 5 tactics, all offering applicable steps and tools to master each area quickly and effectively.


The QLT framework is a universal curriculum that can and should be implemented in any and all organizations. However, companies working with Harbour Resources to create a QLT culture receive customized content, teachings, and tools specific to their respective industry, workplace, and desired results.

Guaranteed Results

Enhanced Company Culture

The QLT framework has proven to create a more positive organizational culture that fosters employee engagement, satisfaction, and motivation.

Improved Talent Attraction

The QLT framework equips leaders and employees to create a culture that attracts like-minded, value-driven talent to the team.

Improved Talent Activation

When implementing the tactics outlined in the framework, organizations effectively activate their employees, ensuring they are equipped and empowered to work towards the mission of the organization.


Improved Talent Retention

Companies that have implemented the QLT framework have reported reducing employee turnover by up to 68% in the first 6-12 months.

Improved Talent Release

The QLT framework guides organizations in managing transitions and releases in a respectful and effective manner, minimizing disruption and maintaining positive relationships.

The 4 QLT Strategies


The Quit Losing Talent framework focuses on the 4 most significant strategies for creating a winning organizational culture. Attracting, Activating, Retaining, and Releasing. When organizations focus on improving those key areas using the tactics and tools within the Quit Losing Talent framework, they are greatly reducing employee turnover and cultivating inspired, values-driven cultures.

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Learn the QLT Tactics to attract the top talent in your industry.


Learn the QLT Tactics to activate the potential of your leaders, and employees.


Learn the QLT Tactics to retain your talented, important employees.


Learn the QLT Tactics to release employees better equipped.

Each Strategy within the Quit Losing Talent Framework focuses on 5 vital Tactics. These tactics are the fuel that drives the  QLT framework and are proven to create thriving cultures that 
win, keep, and inspire great employees.

Companies Using Quit Losing Talent

Ready to Quit Losing Talent in Your Organization? 

Quit being content with good results. Improve your leadership and culture using the QLT Framework and watch your organization flourish!

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