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Leaders raise the bar.  As the leader goes, so goes the team, the department, and the organization

Is your team prepared to meet the demands of the future?

6 key benefits that leadership training can offer your organization.

1. Increase Productivity
2. Retain Good People
3. Nurture Future Leaders
4. Increase Employee Engagement
5. Improve Service Excellence
6. Positive Impact on the Bottom Line

Harbour Resources focuses on only one thing: developing high-performance leadership talent.

We work with organizations of all shapes and sizes, at all levels, to build better leaders; leaders who will have an impact today and build a talent pipeline for tomorrow. Our team designs and facilitates workshops and coaching programs that graduate leaders who have the head to think for themselves, the voice to inspire their organizations, the heart to serve others, and the courage to act when others will not.

Our training programs are based on accountability-driven and values-based philosophy and the Four Core Principles of Character, Vision, Relationships, and Skills.

Grow Yourself Leadership Development focuses on the competencies that are valuable today – and essential tomorrow.

Harbour Resources programs target the real-world challenges unique to each level of leadership. By growing yourself and applying the fundamentals, you as a leader will increase your ability to:

  • Stretch outside of established comfort zones to work with others, solve problems, and drive results.

  • Apply a range of techniques to influence others and immediately impact workplace challenges.

  • Accomplish higher levels of performance through relationships and collaboration.

  • Gain a more accurate picture of their leadership brand and learning style.

Harbour Resources Leadership Programs are

grouped into four leader levels

Leading Self

Individual contributors, professional staff, and emerging leaders

Leading Others

Leaders of individual contributors


Leading the Function

Senior leaders of organizational functions or divisions

Leading the Organization

Top executives leading the enterprise


Grow Your Team

TEAMWORK makes the DREAMWORK! It's a BIG Deal and we KNOW it.

Making the shift from successful individual contributor to effective leader can be tricky – and getting the best performance out of others is an ongoing challenge. 

First-level managers and supervisors are working through key leadership challenges, in their day-to-day work.


They seek better ways to:

Lead a Team - Being “in charge” is different than being a contributor.

Get the work done - New skills are needed to get results through others.

Deal with conflict Interpersonal issues and disagreements can jeopardize teams, departments, and projects.

Solve Problems - Bigger, more complicated issues are part of the job.

We provide complete leadership development solutions that include design, preparation, workshops, assessments, blended and rapid learning, coaching, virtual classrooms, and a full range of support tools and resources.

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We utilize a variety of assessments to help individual leaders and organizations become more self-aware and understand how to close the gaps in the desire to lead and the ability to lead.



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Interview Guides


Selection of Talent is the most important thing you do as a leader. Having a system, plan, and playbook is key to landing top talent when you have them in front of you. Our Guides have 100's of questions you can tailor to your needs.


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Virtual Training


In today's unbelievably busy world, learning on the go is a must. We have a learning academy with ready-to-go courses to help you grow on the road, in the gym, or by the beach. 



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