Episode 353 5 Tactics to Attract Top Talent to Your Team

Creating a united, passionate culture in your organization begins with the talent you hire. 

Often times employees who are hired for their qualifications are fired for who they are. Having a system and process that ensures you hire people who align with the values of your organization is crucial. 

The Quit Losing Talent Framework keys in on 4 strategies: Attraction, Activation, Retention, and Release of great employees. This episode of the Lead Up Podcast dives into the mastering of ATTRACTION and the 5 tactics to help you do just that:

Building your employment brand, deploying the WHO sCOREcard, Sharpening your job ads, Interviewing as a team, and Closing the Deal or Closing the Loop.

Give this episode a listen if you want if you want to start attracting qualified, and quality talent that shares the values of your team. 

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