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● 70% of leaders never read or study once they have finished their formal education.
● The #1 reason an employee leaves a company is because of poor leadership.
● Poor employee engagement cost the economy 350 to 600 billion dollars a year in lost performance. 


Growing leaders make themselves more valuable for their current company or any future promotional opportunities.

Great leaders and companies invest in the development of the leaders on the team.

This program will help increase the marketable value of any leader who completes this training.

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Leadership Authority Course

Are you looking to make a breakthrough in your leadership? 

The Leadership Authority course will give you an unfair advantage in getting the results you've been striving for.


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The Art & Science of Leadership

Do you want a team that works hard, doesn't feel entitled, and cares about making a difference for the company and customers?

How about a team where the leaders are fully accountable to solve problems, find innovative work opportunities, and continuously improve the work they do?

The Art & Science of Leadership program will change the way you think about leadership and help you make sustainable improvements within your workplace.

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