What if you could create a culture of intentional growth in leadership and team performance, all at a fraction of the cost or time of traditional training?




Art & Science of Leadership ~ Corporate Academy is a    virtual leadership development platform. 
It's a simple, scalable way to grow your people personally and professionally.

Change the Way You Think About Leadership and Develop a Leadership Pipeline by...

Equiping your managers

Many companies promote, but don't support the growth of their leaders. This is the place to close the gap.

Building your bench

Companies spend tens of thousands of dollars recruiting new leaders every year. Develop the ones you already have on your team.

Preparing for the future

Succession planning is one of the weakest links of most organizations. Prepare your team for retirements, restructures and replacements.

If you've had any of these thoughts, you are in the right place ...

  • I want our leaders to be fully accountable and solve problems, find innovative growth opportunities and continuously improve the work they do

  • I want a team that works hard, doesn’t feel entitled, and cares about making a difference for the company and our customers

  • I want our leaders to be able to lead without all of the people challenges sucking the life out of a productive day

  • I want to feel like we are making a difference everyday and making an impact on others by the way we interact and lead them

  • I want to prepare leaders for the next role, the next challenge, and more responsibility

Our deliverables include

Challenging Monthly Leadership Lesson

Each leader enrolled receives a 15 - 45 minute video lesson teaching a leadership topic, competency or mindset and key essential skills to support the leadership growth journey

Printable Team Meeting/ 1-on-1 Discussion Guide

Monthly we equip leaders with a  worksheet, which corresponds directly with the video, for helping apply new insights and knowledge and a meeting guide to facilitate a team or 1-on 1 session

Group Coaching Session, led by Mike Harbour or one of our coaches.

Leaders join others who are in the same leadership journey to discuss and gain ideas to become more productive, effective, and consistent as a leader

All these will utilize about 1% of an employee’s time per month.

All you need is an internet connection, the ability to watch videos and listen while you learn. 

Oh and you'll love the app for on-the-go training!

In the Art & Science Academy we work  on becoming better leaders. 


Leaders improve when they study leadership and build a growth plan they can execute around things like: 

  • Creating a rhythm of meetings that matter
  • Building a high performance culture
  • Leading people through change and crisis
  • Improving performance and accountability
  • Coaching the the team up to the vision and help others connect to it
  • Recruit, on-board and lead new employees to excellence
  • Creating values based behaviors of accountability with the  team

Entry Plan


1-50 Leaders

Video Lesson with PPT presentation

Printable Meeting Guides 

Downloadable audio file for on the go listening

Monthly group coaching via Zoom

Learn from anywhere with the mobile app

Participant reporting on request

Growth Plan


51 -150 Leaders

Everything that is featured in Entry Level


2 customized LIVE training sessions delivered virtually for your team

Enterprise Plan


151 Plus Leaders

Everything that is featured in Entry Level


4 customized LIVE training sessions delivered virtually for your team

Custom Plan

Customization Fee + $1500 Annual Maintenance Fee + Per User Fee

Everything that is featured in Entry Level


All the features
and curriculum specifically customized for your team needs

We want to ensure we set you and your team up for success.
Book a call today to determine which plan is best for you. 

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If you believe leadership is about title, position or an intellectual pursuit, this may not be the place for your team

We believe leadership is having a constant growth mindset and evolution. It isn’t just about knowing how to lead.  It’s about desire, learning, intention, practice, and process so that we don’t just understand leadership, we execute it.  

Leadership matters enough for you to invest in a consistent program for your team