Keys to Building Trust Within Your Team

Trust is at an all-time low across the globe and it is affecting your team and leadership daily. If you want to build trust with your team and create a successful team culture, it starts with your leadership and an understanding of how each member of your team feels. No matter how experienced or seasoned your team may be, some members will always feel like they don't have a voice. That's where trust comes in—the ability to give a voice to those who feel unheard.

In our book, Quit Losing Talent we discovered that most employees do not feel valued or heard by their leadership and organizations. Trust is not easy to build, especially if you are the one who broke it; but without trust, it'll be difficult for your team to work together successfully. To build that trust, start by establishing values and behaviors that everyone agrees on. Then provide clear communication so everyone knows what's expected of them. Finally, make sure everyone feels valued and appreciated. With these key ingredients in place, you should be well on your way to building a healthy team culture that trusts and values its members.

Build Trust within Your Team.

Team members need to be able to trust each other in order to function effectively. Trust is created when people feel comfortable and confident communicating with each other. It also allows team members to give and receive feedback, which can lead to constructive criticism.

How to Create a Trust-Based Team Environment.

In order for team members to trust each other, the environment must be conducive to open communication and collaboration. This means that team members should be able to work together productively without feeling judged or harassed. The workplace should also be designed in a way that promotes stress-free communication and collaboration between team members.

As the leader, you are responsible for creating this type of culture. Holding regular team (building) meetings is a vital tool you can use. These meetings should be agenda driven to keep them focused on open and non-judgmental criticism and an opportunity to communicate challenges and missed opportunities as teammates. We share how to effectively run team meetings in our QLT Cultural training.

How to Trust Your Teammates.

Trust is essential for any relationship, but it’s especially important in a team setting. In order for team members to feel comfortable transmitting their ideas and feelings, they need to trust their teammates implicitly or at least reasonably (i.e., not completely). This lack of trust can often lead teams into conflict or dysfunction, which can harm both the individual and the team dynamics. By following these tips, you can create a successful team culture that benefits all of its members.

If the leader allows gossip, open criticism, or even bullying to occur all trust will cease.

The Benefits of Building Trust with Your Team.

Trust can help you achieve your goals. Trust can help you build a successful team. Trust can help you maintain a strong team culture.

Trust can help you achieve your goals.

If you want to be successful, building trust with your team is key. In order to do this, you need to be able to have a clear understanding of what your team’s goals are and how best to meet those goals. You also need to be able to communicate effectively with your team members and make sure they understand what it means for them to work on the same project together. Finally, it’s important that you take care of each member of your team in an equitable manner and protect their safety and well-being while working together.

Trust can help you build a successful team.

The most important thing? Having a positive and constructive relationship with each individual member of your team! If everyone on your team is happy and content, then the work will be more productive and effective (and likely less traumatic). By taking care of our own well-being, we create a healthy environment that is conducive towards productivity and success both short-term and long-term – no wonder teams often perform better when they’re run by people who feel good about themselves!

Tips for Building Trust with Your Team.

One of the most important pieces of building trust in a team is trusting your teammates. It’s important to be honest with your team and make sure they know what you expect of them. Let them know how you want things done and be willing to give feedback if something doesn’t meet your expectations.

Regular employee performance reviews are critical as well as consistent C-Squared rounding that we teach in our QLT framework. 

Diversify trust in your teammates.

Betting on your team can also help build a good team culture. Knowing males and females see things differently, but also none of your team grew up in the same home. So, they all come with different perspectives and visions of trust and teamwork.  This can lead to some tension at times, but it ultimately helps create a positive work environment.

When appointing team members to lead projects, understand the project and the perspectives you will need for success. Don’t always appoint the same person to lead. Give everyone an opportunity to grow and lead others. This helps you know who on the team is ready for the next level as succession is needed in other areas of the company.

Trust your team.

If you want to have a successful team culture, it’s essential to trust your team members as well as their intentions. Be open and honest about what you don’t like, or think is happening on the team, and help set an example for others by being active in setting goals and working towards them together.


Building trust with your team is a critical component of a successful organization. It can help you achieve your goals, maintain a strong team culture, and build productive relationships. By following these tips, you can create a trusting environment that will be beneficial to all involved.

We had a great conversation on Episode 312 of The LeadUp Podcast with David Horsager. David is the author of Trust Edge and he shared the 8 Pillars to Building Trust. This is a must-listen episode as you seek to raise the bar with your team.

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