Dream Like a Pilgrim

The pilgrims who settled in America had a dream. They had a dream to create a better life than they knew before; they had a dream to create a legacy for the world to admire.

This week as we celebrate Thanksgiving, I am grateful they risked it all for you and for me. They were leaders of the way. Long before you and I were ever thought about, they had a dream for us, for our country, and what it could become.

As I look at the landscape of this GREAT UNITED STATES today, I am grateful to live in this country. However, I wonder…do those leaders of yesterday look down on us from heaven today and wonder what we have become, and is it what they dreamed so many years ago?

Leadership is about casting a vision bigger than ourselves, risking all we have to make it happen, and then leaving a legacy for those who will follow after us for years to come.

I wonder…does your leadership cause others to dream? Does your leadership create excitement for the future? Does your leadership create a path for something great to happen? Does your leadership give others a reason to be thankful today? 

Don't Talk to Yesterday

 Don't bother talking to yesterday;

It never answers back.

It’s moved on to tomorrow.

Done is done, and that is that.

Mistakes get made as life goes on.

We get no dress rehearsal.

You don't get to try it again from the top.

No karma change reversal.

Don't sweat your mistakes.

Just do what you can to love,

To help, to share.

Tomorrow will take care of itself.


It's yours.

Be There!

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