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Companies are Failing to Engage and Retain Top Talent for One or More of These Four Reasons

And You Can Easily Avoid Them all with a Structured Approach

1. Hiring System Prioritizes Skillset Over Values Fit 

3. Development Programs Don't Motivate People to STAY

2. Onboarding Process Doesn't Effectively Welcome and Launch New Employees

4. Exit Process Fails to Gain Understanding of the REAL Reason People Leave

These 4 issues are the root causes of most organization's failure to break free from continuous turnover. The Quit Losing Talent Framework will help you add structure to your leadership approach and create a culture where people WANT to stay.

Culture Crushing Issues that Plague Every Organization: 

Poor Employee Engagement


Lack of productivity is costing you time, money, and adding stress to your already overwhelming workload

Low Employee Retention Rates


Constant turnover is toxic to your workplace environment and snatches millions of dollars from your bottom line

Under Developed Leaders


Leaders being promoted due to tenure rather than leadership ability results in highly underdeveloped leaders who struggle to effectively manage their teams

Ineffective Hiring Strategy


Rushing to fill positions to meet deadlines and pick up workload is a poor hiring practice that results in high turnover and low employee buy-in, costing you millions of dollars on your bottom line

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Tackling your talent management issues with us means you start seeing results FAST.

When you work with Harbour Resources, we will get clear on the exact area you need to improve, personalize a structured approach for your situation, and help you transform your culture into one of the best in your industry. If you want to see the shift in your organization, schedule your discovery call today.
...of Quitting Employees Say Manager or Organization Could Have Done Something to Prevent Them Leaving
...of New Hires Quit Within First 90 Days Due to Company Culture
... the improved likelihood of being rated best place to work, when implementing a standardized leadership model across the organization
Moral of the story? Company culture and structured leadership are important.
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Leadership is Hard Enough.

You Don't Have to Do It Alone.


Leading people and managing talent is hard. You have to hire the right people, ensure they are trained and developed properly, and then give them a reason to stay with your company. Very few leaders understand how to operate effectively in all of these essential areas and that's why most fail to retain great employees. 
Take your talent management assessment today to find out what area you need the most work, so we can start building a talent-magnet culture in your organization. 

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