6-Month Training Program

Customized group coaching for Executives and Leaders to maximize their performance and influence.

Sharing best practices from 25+ years in Leadership Development. ARE YOU READY?


Are you in a leadership role where you are in charge of leading a team of people?

Quit Losing Talent Group Training is a personalized interactive coaching experience designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools of the Quit Losing Talent Framework to help you cultivate a thriving organizational culture that WINS, KEEPS, and INSPIRES Great Employees

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Learn the Theory and Application of the Quit Losing Talent Framework in QLT Group Training:

The Quit Losing Talent Framework is structured around 4 Essential Strategies and mastered by application of their 20 associated tactics

The Quit Losing Talent Framework is a proven leadership strategy/ formula for improving organizational culture and retaining employees

By mastering the QLT Strategies through application of the tactics and tools within the framework, leaders are WINNING, KEEPING, and INSPIRING the top talent in their industry!

Reduce Turnover 

Organizations implementing the QLT Framework are reducing turnover by over 65%

Greater Employee Engagement

By learning to place employees in areas of strength, organizations are seeing great increases in employee engagement

Eliminate Bad Fit Employees

With a proper attraction strategy, organizations are hiring both quality and qualified talent

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QLT Group Training Structure:

- Access to Pre-Recorded Intro - SAPERE VEDERE

- Month 1 & 2 - RETENTION

- Month 3 & 4 - ACTIVATION

- Month 5 - ATTRACTION

- Month 6 - RELEASE

- Access to Pre-Recorder Outro - INFINITE GAME

You get access to:

- Quit Losing Talent Framework worksheets/ tools

- Q/A Sessions with Mike Harbour

- QLT Podcast episodes

- How to emails

- A network of driven leaders

- Recordings of every coaching session


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Meet Your Coach:


I've spent the last 25+ years learning the art and science of leadership. An experienced leader of hundreds of people, a coach and trainer to thousands, I've studied 100's of books, and attended countless workshops and seminars, all in an effort to understand the most effective ways to live and lead. 

In 2006, I started my Leadership Development company, Harbour Resources with a mission to deliver excellence in leadership and personal growth. Being personally mentored by some of the world's top leaders like John Maxwell and Quint Studer gave me insight many never receive. 

I've designed strategies and frameworks for you to improve your personal performance, and fulfill your leadership potential. With Elevate Executive, I will help you build healthy relationships, relieve stress & overwhelm, and elevate to your highest potential as fast as possible so you can gain greater fulfillment out of both your personal and professional life.


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