Quit Losing Talent: Expanded Edition (Pre-Order)

20 Leadership Tactics to Win, Keep, and Inspire Great Employees


  • Master of Hiring Action Pack ($200 Values)
  • 3 Pre-Recorded Workshops ($60 Value)
  • Early Access to QLT Bonus Chapter

Learn the 20 Tactics within the 4 original Quit Losing Talent Leadership strategies:

  1. How to Attract great employees
  2. How to Activate great employees
  3. How to Retain great employees
  4. How to Release great employees

This book offers a complete breakdown of each QLT strategy, giving you the exact tactics and tools you need to transform your leadership and create a thriving organizational culture.

Implementing these tactics and tools is proven to transform the cultures of organizations, leading to greatly improved retention rates, and saving organizations millions of dollars per year.

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